Sunday, June 21, 2009


After getting the guilt trip from Haylee yesterday for not updating my blog, I thought I would take the chance to update everyone on what has been going on in Mine and Tyler's lives.

In May Tyler got a job promotion at Industrial Supply as an outside sales rep. selling 3M product. He is loving it and still trying to adjust to the fact that everyone else he works with is about 20 years older than he is. But I couldn't be more proud of him and his hard work. This will be a good opportunity for he and I. Right now his job has taken him to Minnesota for 11 days for some more training and certifying. He will be home soon... YAY!! He is also going to school full time and working full time so needless to say he is a very busy man.

I finished my first semester of nursing school in May and had a few weeks break from school. I picked some more hours at work, which was nice. Two weeks ago, I started summer semester, so now I'm back at school! But I enjoy summer semester, so it isn't too bad.

It seems like every weekend in May we were gone. We went to St. George a couple of times and then my parents took our family to Seattle for a weekend. It was a lot of fun. We were able to go to a Red Sox vs. Mariners baseball game. Of course, my Sox won!! It was neat because we had great seats and we had an awesome view of the field and the players.

Tyler and I are currently house hunting! We have been looking in Herriman and West Jordan and I think we have pretty much decided that Herriman is where we want to focus on. I have been doing walk throughs since he's been out of town and I found one that I fell in love with. Hopefully Tyler likes it as much as I do so we can get going on it. It's very fun, but scary at the same time. But we are very excited and hope it all works out.

I think that is the latest on us. We hope all is going well for everybody else. Hopefully before the 4th of July I will have more pictures to post! ( But don't hold your breath :) )

Monday, March 23, 2009

More pics from Mexico... Tyler said he looked drunk in all the other ones I put on!!!

Okay, I know I am in big trouble from so many people. No posts since December 21??? I know I am terrible, but I guess I do have a legitimate excuse. Things were really busy, and still are, with planning all the wedding stuff and having nursing school on top of that. But I was feeling really guilty and was having major withdrawals from not blogging, so I am sitting here now when I should be studying or in bed and I am going to give everybody a little update.

The wedding went perfect. I keep wanting to relive that day but there is nothing about it that I would change. It was so much fun and neat, it just went too fast and we were so busy that it just felt like a big rush. Thank goodness we decided to do a video. We sit and watch it at least once a week. Thank you so much for everybody and their support with the wedding. It was so neat to look at the crowd at the reception while standing in line and seeing all our friends and family coming and supporting us. Family and friends are very important and I am starting to realize more and more now that I am getting older.

The honeymoon was amazing of course!! And no, not just because of what you are all thinking, but it was warm, on the beach, in a swim suit all day, and doing nothing but relaxing. We went to Puerto Vallarta and stayed on a very nice resort with a room that had a balcony that was on the beach. One of my favorite parts was leaving the balcony door open at night and listening to the ocean. I LOVE the ocean!!

I haven't quite figured out what people mean when they say "now the honeymoon's over" because married life is so much FUN!!! There is nothing better than getting to hang out with your best friend and love of your life every day. Plus we are already making lots of memories. We have a sweet, cozy basement apartment in South Jordan and we love it. It is called "Big Red" since the carpet in the family room is bright Utah red :) But we love it. It is so much fun having a place of your own that you can call home and knowing that it is just the beginning of a wonderful life together.

If you ask Tyler, out of respect (or fear) he will tell you that I am the best cook ever!!! He tries to hint around nicely that I need some practice like when he tells me I should watch my mom cook more often or go over to his aunts house and have her show me how to make things. But I keep telling him if I had more time I could prepare big gourmet meals. I am getting better though. We haven't had grilled cheese sandwiches and waffles yet for dinner this week :)
It has been an adjustment living with eachother though. Just mention alarm clocks and snooze buttons to Tyler and he will freak out!! Lets just say I always set the alarm about an hour earlier than I really intend to wake up, because I feel good just knowing that I made the effort to try and wake up early and work out! :) I almost got an alarm clock broke and thrown at the wall a couple weeks ago. But now its something to laugh about. Tyler is also adjusting my crazy sleep talking. Every morning he wakes up and has a new story for me about something crazy and funny I said in my sleep. Poor Tyler, I don't think he has really slept since we have been married.

Sorry for the novel, but I just wanted to update everyone and make up for the 3 months of not blogging at all. Plus I was going through withdrawals. The next time may not be until school is over so enjoy this one for as long as you can!!

First night in Puerto taking our routine stroll on the beach

The view from our balcony

Nothing like a day on the beach

Our excursion doing zip lines in the jungle

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tyler and I got engaged on Thursday, December 18. We have known since November that we wanted to get married and when so we have actually had the date set for a while, but we were just waiting on one very important part of the whole engagement: the ring!!! So Thursday we decided to do our date night because Friday we were going to the Neil Diamond concert with my family and Saturday we had a family Christmas party to go to and Thursday worked out for the both of us. We had been wanting to go up to Temple Square for a while to look at the lights so I didn't think anything of it when we were going up there. I always said I would know when the night was that I was going to get engaged because I figured I would get a big bouquet of flowers. Well, Thursday, there was no bouquet, so I was certain that was not the night. So we were walking around all the lights but we CRUISED through them so fast that I thought Tyler must have been really cold or he just didn't want to be there anymore. So we got done looking through the lights and went over by the reflection ponds. There wasnt a whole lot to look at over in that area but we spent most of our time there. I knew something must have been up when we circled a particular spot twice. ( Come to find out, he chickend out the first time, so we had to walk around again!!) So we came back to the spot and he was saying all the cute lovey, mushy stuff. Tyler is one that likes to "punk" people, especially me, so I was thinking to myself please dont kneel down and say you have to tie your shoe. Well, he fumbled in his pocket for a special something and knelt down on one knee. My legs were just shaking!!! Then he asked if I would marry him and of course I said YES!!! I am so happy to be engaged to Tyler. He is everything I could ever hope and pray for in a husband and person. We can't wait to start on this new adventure and are excited to spend eternity together. We will be getting married on February 20, 2009!!
I love you babe.
Temple Square after the engagement

A picture of us and the ring... the picture doesn't even give the ring justice!!!

Christmas Cookies


Tyler and My Christmas Cookies

Me and Ty

Mom, Dyson, and Preslie

My mom and dad wanted to start a new Christmas tradition this year with my family. She was out with her friends and she saw some cute Santa Claus cookies from kneaders. Being the creative and crafty mom that she is, she decided to make them with the family. They turned out very cute, infact it took me a while before I would even eat them because I thought they were so cute!!! But, I must say, they were as delicious as they look. It was fun seeing the kids decorate their cookies. They had a riot!!! They even got big snowman cookies to frost and decorate. They got really into it. It was a great way to start the season!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!! This was a really fun Thanksgiving. First of all I had Tyler back to celebrate with us and it was fun just being surrounded by family and people that you love. Normally my immediate family gets together in December and we do Gingerbread houses and have a contest to see who makes the best one. This year we decided to it on Thanksgiving with all of my dad's brothers and their kids and then the older kids got to do their own. Ty and I had good intentions of taking first place in the contest, but we both got kind of sick of doing it and we were just ready to be done. Our house still turned out pretty good though!

Me and Ty decided to make a quick weekend trip down to St. George a couple of weeks ago. We met up with his parents and brother and just hung out, golfed, and went to a movie. It was nice just to get out and be able to do a quick get away.

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Go UTES!!! Ty and Me at the U of U vs. BYU game. My mom and dad were in Mesquite with Lindsey for a softball tournament so...we got the tickets to the game with Haylee, Hadley, and Preslie. It was a lot of fun and our team won which made it even better!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Late Halloween

Me and Chantae... Yeehaw!!

Our Halloween Pumpkins

Kari, The Sanderson Sisters (Nana, Sherrie, Mindy), and Me
at Witches Night Out

Tyler and Me carving pumpkins!